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Making it Yours 16C: Pink Elroy Chairs

You’ve fallen in love with something that’s a detour from your usual style. Is it a fleeting fancy? Will you love it long-term? And how do you make it work with the rest of your stuff without starting over? These are the questions I’ve had in mind as I worked on this edition of Making it Yours, and it’s time for the final look!

Could we add a pair of these pink Elroy arm chairs?

These are the cutest. They’re also super trendy. If you fell hard for chevron, only to grow tired of it after seeing it everywhere, or loved boho and macramé until all of a sudden you didn’t, you might be (understandably) shy about jumping on board with the current crop of 80s-influenced pieces.

You shouldn’t paint your walls white because Instagram wants you to, just like you shouldn’t choose a dark color because I want you to! Our homes are personal, and the decisions to decorate and furnish them should be too. So yes, there is a strong trend showing up in this pair of pink chairs we’re looking at, but if you love them (and extrapolate this to whatever it is that you love), I want to show how they can work with the things you already own and continue to work years from now as your needs and tastes change. This third look imagines the chairs making their way to a spare room being used as an occasional home office and guest room.

the coffee table, planter, and lamp from before

We’ve already seen the , , and in use. We reuse pieces around our homes in real life, so I do in my MiY series as well. I also imagine what this person would be drawn to over time, and you can see that in some of the choices below.

Making it Yours (MiY) 16: If you like this, you like that

She had tassels in the first room, and I’ve brought back here. The would have worked a third time, but instead I brought in a to pull up to the . And speaking of the desk, I wouldn’t pair it with from earlier looks in the same room, but to go somewhere else in the house you could see that they would appeal to the same person.

Making it Yours (MiY) 16C: Pink Elroy Chairs

  1. I’m into lights with gemstones. Selenite (in case you aren’t familiar) is a form of gypsum that looks a lot like quartz, though sometimes cloudier or more pearly. It’s also very soft, and I’m assuming the store is delicately packaging this light accordingly? (You can scratch it with your nails. Sometimes nerdy teenage interests translate into useful knowledge!)

  2. They are a delight. A delight, I tell you!

  3. The room needed a little texture, and I like a mix of color saturation (here, muted walls and inside of the secretary, bolder in the pillows)

  4. This is double-sided and coming from the ‘official’ store, but there are making more affordable versions backed with a solid color.

  5. Maybe I should have switched the top and bottom, just to show that you can? You can.

  6. I think I need this little cutie in my life.

  7. I didn’t include bedding for the sofa when it’s functioning as a bed, but I pictured all white, the throw pillows and this blanket for color/pattern.

  8. I love this so much; I wish I had a project that it would be a good fit for! I chose this independently of the wall color, but how happy an accident that they work together.

  9. Interesting planters are always such a nice detail.

  10. So round, so cute.

  11. The stacked shapes speak to the curves in the chairs and elsewhere.

  12. Leans neutral, a muddy celadon color.

  13. Target has been killing it with these canvas prints lately! Great style, size, and price.

  14. Comes in so many colors, and the little brass banding detail is smart.

  15. The chairs we’ve been basing all three of these looks around, of course. Love ’em.

  16. Yummy, yummy color. Beware though, viscose is for low-traffic rooms (which this is).

  17. I imagined this as an office/occasional guest room, and a sofa bed is great for that situation. Beyond that though, I actually prefer the skirted look to ground a sofa in contrast to the curvy and airy geometry of the chairs.

Making it Yours 16: Pink Elroy Chairs

All three together. Which was your favorite of the bunch? Could you see incorporating these chairs into your own home?

Making it Yours (MiY) 16: Pink Elroy Chairs
Making it Yours 16: Pink Elroy Chairs

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  • Reply
    October 12, 2018 at 5:35 am

    Love, love, love! I’d take all three looks in my house. Those batik prints!!!! (I couldn’t even think of a verb to represent how much I adore them :-)

  • Reply
    October 12, 2018 at 10:13 pm

    I love your new picture-perfect glasses hair do and ear rings the chairs not so much. They are trying too hard to be something …….they haven’t made up their mind quite what.

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