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Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Honor Roll
  • Back in 2014, I had my eye on for this house, noting that I had been wanting it for years. I’m not a big accent wall person (I think it works better in photos and for the ‘gram) so I couldn’t think of a place to use a mural. Then, bing! I realized I have an inset wall by the back door that would be perfect. I’m finally going for it.
  • Speaking of Instagram…
  • And have you ever had people take photos of your house? (It happens here.) Have you ever taken a photo of or in front of a pretty house? (Guilty.)
  • So much disdain for Instagram today. (Hey, but um, ) Anyway, maybe
  • I related to much of . Cheer him on as he moves forward.
  • A change in copyright law meant a . Welcome, works from 1923!
  • (I just bought one.)

I’m off to continue working on the stairs and back door, and we have a birthday kid to celebrate today once he gets back home from school. Have a great weekend! I can’t wait to get up and report back to you on it.

Kristin Perers, Etched Arcadia Mural
Etched Arcadia Wallpaper Mural, Anthropologie
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